SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019

Past Festivals

2007 - The Late, Late Show

The second Festival featured the daring avant-garde texts Williams wrote after turning sixty, including the world premieres of his life-affirming Sunburst and the burlesque The Pronoun 'I'.

The Foggy Foggy Dew

A play by Wendy Kesselman, also author of the Obie Award winning My Sister in this House. Performed in collaboration with Cape artist Jim Peters. More about

Julie/Pronoun I

The choregraphy and performance art of Julie Atlas Muz is combined with Tennessee Williams' short play The Pronoun I. More about

Sunburst/The One Exception

Sunburst, a short play by Tennessee Williams, directed by Patrick Falco is performed in conjunction with The One Exception, a one act ensemble staged by Antonio Ocampo Guzman. More about

The Plexiglass Menagerie

A concept developed by playwright and artist Ryan Landry, this work is inspired by Tennessee Williams' play, The Glass Menagerie. Written and performed by Ryan Landry. More about

The Parade or Approaching the End of a Summer

A one act play by Tennessee Williams about a character named Don who falls in love with Dick, who in turn is in love with Wanda. Based on a true life love affair that Williams had with a young man. Directed by Jef Hall-Flavin and Eric Powell Holm. More about

The Traveling Companion/The Chalky White Substance

The Traveling Companion, a one act by Williams, focuses on the relationship between an older man, and a younger companion. In The Chalky White Substance, Williams takes a different turn with a commentary on a society of men dealing with government oppression. More about

Camino Real

A troupe of five actors, aided by a musician and a garbage can, embodies such legendary personalities as Jacques Casanova, Lord Byron, Camille and Don Quixote, as well as over forty other roles walking the tightrope between fate and free will. More about

Amiri Baraka

Amiri Baraka, author of the play Dutchman, shares his views on theater in America today at the UU. More about

The Notebook of Trigorin

An adaptation by Williams of Anton Chekhov's The Seagull titled The Notebook of Trigorin. Adapted by director Katherine Mendeloff and dramaturg Leonora Ivanitsky. Ensemble includes students from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) along with Provincetown and Nauset High Schools. Performed at Provincetown High School. More about

The Gnadiges Fraulein

The Gnadiges Fraulein is a surrealist play and a departure from Tennessee Williams' usual work. The play, which translated in English, means Gracious Young Lady, is inspired by the work of Eugene Ionesco and Samuel Beckett. This piece is performed by NY's Main Street Players and directed by Michael Page. More about

Ethel Elkovsky Recites

Ethel Elkovsky, now called Mia Phoebus, was the inspiration and former confidente of Tennessee Williams. She is the inspiration for the character of Miriam in TW's play The Parade, and will be reading a selection of poems. The program is compiled and directed by Eric Powell Holm. More about

The Ghost Plays

From the New Provincetown Players, a dozen original plays written by Cape writers and inspired by Williams self described ghost play Clothes for a Summer Night. At the Provincetown Theater. More about

Everyone Expects Me to Write Another Streetcar

A play by actor Jeremy Lawrence, it is inspired by the various interviews and poetry completed by Tennessee Williams. Performed by actor/adaptor Jeremy Lawrence at Art House 2. More about


A film adaptation of Suddenly Last Summer, directed by John Aes-Nihil, with cult figure Vaginal Davis, Lance Loud, Jade Gordon, and Bibbe Hanson at the Whalers Wharf Cinema. More about

Road to Paradise

Road to Paradise is a dance adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ poetry, portrayed by men and women who are current Bennington College students and recent alumni. Choregraphed by Carson Efrid. More about

The Strange, the Crazed, The Queer

Tennessee Williams' poetry set to a variety of live music, from blues ballads to classical. Directed by David Landon and performed by New York's Tuesday Group. More about

The 3 Mrs. Stones - The Roman Spring of Mrs.Stone

Three film versions of The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone will be shown at Whalers Wharf Cinema. The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (1961) stars Warren Beatty and Vivien Leigh. The 2003 version stars Helen Mirren, Oliver Martinez, and Anne Bancroft. The last version, an avantgarde film called The Drift (1989), directed by John Anes-Nihil,includes Glen Meadmore in the title role. More about

I Can't Imagine Tomorrow with The Stronger and Come and Go

Three important theater pieces appear in conversation with each other. Tennessee Williams' I Can't Imagine Tomorrow (1970) performed by Chicago's Organic Theater Company, August Strindberg’s The Stronger (1890) staged by Emerson College and directed by Maureen Shea along with Samuel Beckett’s Come and Go (1965), directed by Jef Hal-Flavin. More about

Homage to Valeska Gert

Susanne Foellmer,a Berlin-based author of a new biography about Valeska, hosts film clips of Valeska from the 1920s to the 1970s. At Art House 2. More about

The Demolition Downtown/The Municipal Abaittoir

A play by Tennessee Williams, The Demolition Downtown is comedy about suburbanites in turmoil, in which another Williams play, The Munipal Abattoir, is mentioned. Directed by Emilie Slaby. More about

Three More Films - The Red Devil Battery Sign, Noir et Blanc, and The Migrants

Three film versions of TW's work. The Red Devil Battery Sign is a 1976 documentary of the Broadway play rehearsals and performances starring Anthony Quinn, Claire Bloom, and Katy Jurado. Noir et Blanc is the 1986 French film version of Desire and the Black Masseur. The Migrants, filmed in 1974 (story by TW, screenplay by Lanford Wilson) stars Ron Howard, Cloris Leachman, Sissy Spacek,and Cindy Williams. More about

Tennessee Rocks

Musical works inspired by the plays of Tennessee Williams. Three Provincetown composers Rick Knudsen, Clyde Shelby, and John Thomas perform their music at Fisherman's Wharf. More about

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