SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019


September 2009

Jay Critchley 21 Gun Salute in Provincetown Harbor - a performance event not to miss!

21 Gun Salute

Created by Jay Critchley

Provincetown, Massachusetts USA

 Click Here for Video of the 21 Gun Salute



Ptown's very own Lady Di was recruited to host Salute
Festival's fiery kick-off event just got more explosive!




"Smart drones have been sighted on the horizon heading for Provincetown..."
-- Radio Announcer from 21 Gun Salute

21 Gun Salute

The salute is the creation of performance artist Jay Critchley, inspired by World War II naval exercises in Provincetown Harbor -- columns of colored smoke, rocket flares, and gathered boats in the harbor -- to celebrate Tennessee Williams’ life and work.

Lady Di, the enigmatic and popular host of WOMR's colorful "Leggs Up and Dancing," will host the evening's spectacle by greeting guests and offering up historical commentary in her own inimitable way.

For the best view – and for an accompanying “21 Blender Salute,” complete with frozen kamikazes to toast the Festival's kickoff – join the audience at the Boatslip to see, sip, experience, and listen to a radio simulcast of this incredible event on WOMR 92.1 FM and Also at the Boatslip, Williams Pass holders will enjoy the festival Welcome Dinner at the same time.

Critchley's texts being broadcast responds to this year’s theme: The Fight for Life. A similar phrase appears in a play Williams wrote with his friend, Donald Windham: "A new war's beginning....The war for life, not against it. The war to create a world that can live without war."

The custom of the 21 Gun Salute originated in naval tradition, where a warship would fire its cannons harmlessly out to sea, until all ammunition was spent, to show that it was disarmed, signifying the lack of hostile intent.

The public is invited to experience this one-of-a-kind phenomenon anywhere you can see the harbor.

In a letter to William Saroyan -- written a week before Pearl Harbor -- Tennessee Williams confided: “I think there is going to be a vast hunger for life after all this death—and for light after all this eclipse People will want to read, see, feel the living truth…”

In 2009 America itself is evolving – as is our place in the world. Williams’ call to the American theater to redefine our country by “speaking directly from the heart of one people to the hearts of others” is worth repeating right now.

Jay Critchley, a world-renowned performance artist, has traversed the globe, from his patriotic Old Glory Condom Corporation – Worn with Pride Country-Wide and The Blessed Virgin Rubber Goddess – Immaculate Protection, to Miss Tampon Liberty and The Nuclear Recycling Consultants. He lives year round in Provincetown, where he founded and directs Theater in the Ground @ Septic Space in his backyard septic tank.

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