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September 2009

Jarod Rawiri as Stanley Kowalski in the Fortune Theatre (Dunedin, New Zealand) production of Streetcar to appear in Provincetown (photo Melanie Peters)

A Streetcar Named Desire

by Tennessee Williams
directed by Jef Hall-Flavin
starring Jude Gibson and Jarod Rawiri

Fortune Theatre

Dunedin, New Zealand

"You make my mouth water."
-- Blanche DuBois, Scene 5

This New Zealand production is a stunning example of why Williams’ masterpiece has become a staple of the world repertory. Performed with New Zealand accents and a Maori actor as Stanley, don’t miss an extraordinary opportunity to see how this “Streetcar” traveled half-way around the world.

What the critics say:

"...a production to sweep away preconceptions and carry all with it,
thanks largely to a virtuoso performance by Jude Gibson
in one of the most demanding roles in the theatrical canon."

-- Terry McTavish, Theatreview (New Zealand)

Click to download review:
Streetcar Review - Theatreview / New Zealand

Jude Gibson as Blanche Dubois, Dunedin New Zealand / photo by Melanie PetersJarod Rawiri as Stanley Kowalski / photo by Melanie PetersJacquie Nairn as Stella Kowalski / photo by Melanie PetersErroll Shand as Mitch / photo by Melanie Peters
Jude Gibson (Blanche), Jarod Rawiri (Stanley), Jacquie Nairn (Stella), Erroll Shand (Mitch) / photos by Melanie Peters

A Streetcar Named Desire

by Tennessee Williams
directed by Jef Hall-Flavin
produced by Fortune Theatre Trust
Dunedin, New Zealand

Jude Gibson as Blanche DuBois
Jarod Rawiri as Stanley Kowalski
Jacquie Nairn as Stella Kowalski
Erroll Shand as Harold "Mitch" Mitchell
Carol Smith as Eunice Hubbell
Chris Horlock as Steve Hubbell
Brian Rankin as Pablo Gonzales

with Provincetown favorites
Ben Griessmeyer as the Young Man
Scott Hayes as the Doctor, and
Susan Grilli as the Matron

Carol Smith as Eunice in A Streetcar Named DesireChris Horlock as Steve in A Streetcar Named DesireBrian Rankin as Pablo in A Streetcar Named Desire
Carol Smith (Eunice), Chris Horlock (Steve), Brian Rankin (Pablo) / photos by Melanie Peters

Production Stage Manager, Brendan Van den Berg
Costume Design, Maryanne Wright Smyth
Original Scenic Design, Peter King
Lighting/Set Design Festival Resident Designer Megan Tracy
Original Sound Design, David Good
Fortune Theatre Producer/Manager, Janice Marthen
Festival Production Assistants, Tom Boland, Jim Farley
Venue Assistant, Tracy Rowe
Technical Venue Manager, Paul Revaz


“You’ll see this play as if for the first time.
It really sings with the distinctive music of New Zealand accents.
These skilled, passionate, grounded actors remove the barrier of  familiarity to create
a surprising play that we are compelled to experience in the here and now." 

-- Director Jef Hall-Flavin

Click here to download the director's notes on the play:
Streetcar Director's Notes


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