SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019


September 2011

Alma - Portuguese Dance Theater from Lisbon


directed by Rita Calçada Bastos

Carbono Theater Company

Lisbon, Portugal

An exciting world premiere movement-based performance not to be missed... with Portuguese and English spoken.

Tennessee Williams said that Alma Winemiller was his favorite character. She is at the center of his heartbreaking play, Summer and Smoke (and the play’s fraternal twin, Eccentricities of a Nightingale). As we began to form our ideas about how to celebrate the life of Tennessee Williams in his Centennial year, it seemed only fitting to include Alma’s story, which is so intertwined with the celebrated playwright.

Pedro Vieira - ALMA - Companhia de Teatro Carbono

Williams revisited, revised, and re-wrote Alma’s story many times, finally ending up with two different plays – with the same characters.

It is this compelling story that an ambitious, talented troupe of Portuguese actors have taken on for yet another revision. Lisbon’s Carbono Theater Company, led by Pedro Vieira, pictured at left, has devised a new, movement-theater piece that focuses on the story of Alma Winemiller and her unfulfilled longing for the love of her life, John Buchanan. 



Inês Tarouca - ALMA - photo by Armanda Claro Inês Tarouca, pictured at right.

Festival Curator, David Kaplan, having worked previously with Mr. Vieira in Italy, was intrigued by the idea for the piece, and has invited the new production to make its world premiere at the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival before it returns to Lisbon for a limited engagement.



Adaption, Conception, Direction and Scenic Design
by Rita Calçada Bastos
Based on an idea from Pedro Vieira and Inês Tarouca
Produced by Carbono Theater Company

Joana Brandao and Pedro Vieira in ALMA - Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival photo by Francisco Nascimento

Bruno Simões
Inês Tarouca
Joana Brandão
Pedro Vieira

Production Team
Artistic Consultants: Cristina Carvalhal & David Kaplan
Movement: Inês Tarouca
Lighting Design: José Álvaro Rodrigues (Lisbon) & Megan Tracy (Provincetown)
Costume Design: Dino Alves
Sound Designer: Sérgio Delgado
Video Artist: Alexandre Azinheira
Scenic Design Assistants: André Ramos Silva & Diana Piquer
Promotional Video: ZOE Films
Photographer: Francisco Nascimiento
Hairstyle: Scalp and Friends
Production Manager: Magda Bull
Co-Production Carbono Theater Company &
The Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival

Supported by
Portuguese Ministry of Culture
DG Artes
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Bruno Simoes, Ines Tarouca, Joana Brandao, Pedro Vieira in ALMA - Provincetown Tennessee Williams Festival - photo by Francisco Nascimento



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