SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019


September 2010

American Gothic / 27 Wagons

by Tennessee Williams
directed by Davis Robinson (Gothic)
Jeff Glickman (Wagons)

Beau Jest Moving Theater
Big Finish Productions

Boston, Massachusetts
Pensacola, Florida

Two plays, both set on a sun-drenched front porch: The never-before-seen American Gothic imagines the famous Grant Wood couple as the stern Midwestern parents of Bonnie and Clyde-style gangsters... and from the heat of the Mississippi Delta, the sultry 27 Wagons Full of Cotton will also be staged on the historic porch of 160 Commercial Street.

American Gothic - Written around 1938, the manuscript of American Gothic has written on top of it Part One, American Blues. There is a collection by Tennessee Williams called American Blues but American Gothic isn't in it. Never published, never performed, suggested by the famous Grant Wood painting of the same name, American Gothic takes place on the porch of a farm-house on the Great Plains during a drought. Williams imagines the iconic farm couple as disillusioned parents who must force their long-lost son to leave the house with his girlfriend when they find out they’ve been robbing banks.

American Gothic comes to us from Boston's Beau Jest Moving Theatre, with director Davis Robinson at the helm. Beau Jest brought last year's Remarkable Rooming House of Madame LeMonde to life, a production that won the 2010 Irne Award for best production by a visiting ensemble.

27 Wagons Full of Cotton – This Southern Gothic comedy recombines some themes from Orpheus Descending -- sexual liberation, innocence and corruption -- with whip-cracking humor. Set on a sweat-drenched porch in the Mississippi Delta, and staged on the porch of an historic sea captain’s home, the production, directed by Jeff Glickman, comes from Big Finish Productions of Pensacola, Florida. This famous one-act was controversial for its erotic wit. The movie based on it, “Baby Doll," made a scandal.

American Gothic

by Tennessee Williams
directed by Davis Robinson
produced by Beau Jest Moving Theatre

Davis Robinson as Alf
Nick Ronan as Amadee
Kathleen Lewis as Mabel
Lisa Tucker as Nonnie
Robin Smith as the Cops

27 Wagons Full of Cotton

by Tennessee Williams
directed by Jeff Glickman
produced by Big Finish Productions, Pensacola, FL

Jeff Glickman as Jake Meighan
Leslee Young as Flora Meighan
Paxton McCaghren as Silva Viccarro

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