SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019

Major Sponsors from Far Land Provisions with Dana Delany at the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival. Photo by Dan McKeon


The Festival thrives because an entire community of businesses support us. They recognize how vital the arts are to a tourist economy, and how the Tennessee Williams Festival contributes to the artistic landscape of Provincetown.

Please join our growing list of corporate and community sponsors today.

Corporate Sponsorships

It doesn't take a big cash investment to make a huge impact with the Tennessee Williams Theater Festival. Our patrons come from 36 states and several foreign countries. They are cultured, educated, well-traveled people who generate over $3 Million in tourism dollars on a post-season weekend in the Fall.

We can help bring our visitors to your door. Link your name with us, and you'll get great, high-touch visibility in a top destination town.


Corporate Sponsorship Levels (cash):

Title Sponsor (exclusive!) $25,000
Presenting Sponsor $15,000
Major Sponsor $10,000
Star Sponsor $5,000
Production Sponsor $2,500
Event Sponsor $1,000


For further information >> Download our Sponsor Guide


Foundation Support

Many private and public funding programs have supported our endeavors, including:

Aetna Foundation
Arts Foundation of Cape Cod
Bank of America Foundation
Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank Foundation
Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation
Edward Bangs Kelley and Elza Kelley Foundation
Newman's Own Foundation
Provincetown Cultural Council
Provincetown Visitor Services Board
Seamen's Bank Foundation

Community Partnerships

We couldn't get along without the support of the Provincetown business community. In a symbiotic relationship, the Festival brings in visitors from near and far. Some stay for a day, some stay for a long weekend... and those people eat, sleep, travel, sight-see and shop in Provincetown.

In turn, local businesses help the Festival remain a cultural magnet by donating goods, services, housing and food. We are grateful for the many ways in which the generous business owners have helped this Festival thrive.

Community Partnerships fall into three categories: 

  • Donated Goods & Services
  • Housing 
  • Dining


Donated Goods and Services

Donating performance or event space, advertising, printing, and other useful goods and services is a vital way to support the Festival.

The fair market value of donated goods and services (other than housing) determine your sponsorship level and the associated benefits.

Presenting Sponsor $25,000 in donated goods/services
Major Sponsor $15,000 
Star Sponsor $10,000 
Production Sponsor  $5,000 
Event Sponsor $2,500

(Some co-sponsorships are also avaialable for a smaller amount)


Most of our artists, technicians and staff come from out of town. They need places to sleep! Your hotel, inn, or private residence can receive advertising benefits by donating a room for a week. (Unfortunately mid-week donations aren't eligible)


Check-in September 22 or 23
Check-out September 30


Check-in September 19 or 20
Check-out September 30 - October 2

Some staff members need housing starting several days earlier... if you agree to host a staff member starting on September 15, each room donation counts for TWO ROOMS worth of benefits!


1 room = 1/8 page b/w catalog print ad, online listing, 4 free tickets
2 rooms = 1/8 page color catalog ad, online listing with 1-line description, 6 free tickets
3 rooms = 1/4 page b/w ad, 1 small web ad (225x60), online listing with 2-line description, 2 Flex passes
4 rooms = 1/4 page color ad, large web ad (200x200), listing w/3-line description, Carte Blanche pass
5 rooms or more = Convert value of room donation into a Sponsorship and receive Sponsor Benefits!

Download The Housing Donation Form Here

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