SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019


September 2011

Dirty Shorts - Celebrity readings of Tennessee Williams stories

Dirty Shorts

by Tennessee Williams
starring Michael Urie and Alison Fraser

One Show Only!

A Festival Finale Not to be Missed


Dirty Shorts

Closing out the 2011 Festival in our Town Hall finale are two bawdy short stories written by Tennessee Williams late in life, celebrating sexual fulfillment as political expression.

Alison Fraser is featured in DIRTY SHORTS at the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater FestivalMichael Urie is featured at the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival


Lucille Lortel Award-winner, Michael Urie (who starred in the hit TV series "Ugly Betty") and Broadway favorite Alison Fraser (two-time Tony nominee for Romance/Romance and The Secret Garden) will read two provocative stories by Tennessee Williams.



Dirty Shorts is a New England Town Meeting advancing the progress of liberty in ways we're certain the Founding Fathers hadn’t considered (...or maybe they had?).

Hear a side of Williams you never knew existed.



About the stories...


The talented Michael Urie reads “The Killer Chicken and the Closet Queen,” where a staid Wall Street lawyer meets his match in a teen-aged boy fresh from the Ozarks.

Take a handsome Italian chauffer, 49 quaaludes, a pug puppy in a fruit basket, mix it with an Arkansas twang and put it on the train to P'town for a story you'll never forget.


Broadway regular Alison Fraser recounts the scandalous “Miss Coynte of Greene,” about a Mississippi Delta spinster crossing the color line with lusty abandon

Miss Coynte, the plucky owner of The Better Mousetrap antique store, hangs an "Out To Lunch" sign on the door at very odd hours of the day. What she may be doing in there with Jack Jones isn't discussed in polite society... which is why we're reading this story in Provincetown!


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