SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019


Ethel Elkovsky Recites

directed by Eric Powell Holm
starring Ethel Elkovsky

Ethel Elkovsky, now called Mia Phoebus, is the basis for the character of Miriam in TW’s The Parade. She says he called her his “womb girl.” She’ll be reading a selection of her poems at Poor Richard’s Landing,one of the places Williams stayed, supposedly paying his rent with a poem. A cohort, housemate, and confidante of  Tennessee Williams during the summer of 1940, when she was 19, Mia was born in New York City of Russian-Jewish immigrants. By age 4, she was orating from a soapbox to curious passersby in the city. Mia’s academic training included scholarships at the Turtle Bay, Manhattan, and Juilliard Schools of Music, all of which helped to hone her theatrical talent and nurture her voice as a mezzo-soprano. She taught voice for many years and shared the stage as a member of the San Francisco Opera Company. Along the way, Mia obtained her M.A. in adult education and has been lecturing in the Beverly Hills, CA School District for 30 years. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including a State of California Orator of the Year, for her lectures on literature, music, art history, comparative religion, and philosophy. This is her first visit to the Cape since 1941.

– Gail Portanova, M.D.


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