SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019


This performance took place in March 2014
Rain or Shine!
Caution: Adult content and brief nudity

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Dayenne C Byron Walters and Richard Caines in GIFT OF AN ORANGE by Charlene A Donaghy - photo by Josh Andrus

Gift of an Orange

by Charlene A Donaghy
The pulse of drumbeats welcome the Festival audience to a mystical world in the hidden courtyard at The Historic Hermann-Grima House, an oasis in the heart of the French Quarter.

Based on a Tennessee Williams short story, a young drifter encounters an older woman's desires in the Louisiana Bayou.
directed by Jackie Davis

The Provincetown TW Theater Festival

in association with the Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival

Seats are extremely limited!

Produced in association with

Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival


Hermann-Grima Gallier Historic Houses New Orleans


'Gift of an Orange,' Charlene A. Donaghy's play inspired by
Williams' short story 'Gift of an Apple,' both captures the spirit of Williams' work
and brings something new and wonderful to life.

- Bryne Harrison – StageBuzz


Gift of an Orange

Based on Tennessee Williams' short story, "Gift of an Apple" (written in 1936), where a hitch-hiker down on his luck falls off the beaten path.

Dayenne C Byron Walters as Oshun in GIFT OF AN ORANGE - Photo by Josh Andrus

Award-winning playwright Charlene A. Donaghy, inspired by images of a young man’s innocence and an older woman’s voluptuousness has written Gift of an Orange in response to Williams' story, and set the play in the wilderness of the Louisiana Bayou.

This sensual new play thrilled audiences when it premiered at the Provincetown Festival in 2012 with Boston's New Urban Theatre Lab, and is now published in Best American Short Plays.


Richard Caines plays Taurean in GIFT OF AN ORANGE - photo by Josh AndrusThe pulse of African drumbeats and the smell of oranges welcome the Festival audience to a hidden Garden at the historic Hermann-Grima House, an oasis in the heart of New Orleans' famed French Quarter. 


The Gift of an Orange ensemble features the original 2012 cast of three accomplished, Boston-based actors. 

Dayenne C. Byron Walters (upper left) plays Oshun, a grieving woman with a gift, living alone in the Bayou. 

James Bocock in GIFT OF AN ORANGE - Photo by Josh Andrus

Richard Caines (left) appears as Taurean, a young drifter who happens upon a lonesome older woman in the Bayou. 

James Bocock (lower left) plays Jake, the oil rig rough-necker who comes in like a flood to take what he wants, when he wants. 

" In a good play, nothing goes the way you think it will,
and all you can hope for is to be spellbound...
This play delivers on all accounts. "

- Sue Harrison, Cape Codder and Provincetown Banner

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