SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019


September 2009

Tennessee Williams

Hotel Plays - Series 2 (Rain)

by Tennessee Williams
starring Companies from Tennessee, New York and Massachusetts

The Infinite Theatre

New York, New York USA

oday the world is interested in gunpowder.
Poetry cannot compete with the sound of bursting shells.

-- Anthony Paradise in Mister Paradise

The Hotel Plays

Williams set many of his plays in hotel rooms and boarding houses: way stations between life and death, dream and reality. The Festival is presenting eight short plays by Williams set in such rooms — in productions gathered from all over the country. Gather at the Gifford House and proceed from room to room to experience Williams up-close and personal.

The 2nd part of The Hotel Plays series continues with the Rain series:


Rain Hotel

Talk To Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen
Directed by Nick Potenzieri
The Infinite Theatre, New York, NY

Room 215 - where two lost, abandoned lovers reach for one another... and hope.



Hello From Bertha  / photo courtesy of The Infinite Theatre

Hello from Bertha
Directed by Nick Potenzieri
The Infinite Theatre, New York, NY

The room, where in a St. Louis brothel, a woman finds she has nothing more to lose.



The Strangest Kind of Romance
Directed by Jonathan Warman
Neo Neo Theatre Company, New York, NY

Room 306 - where it's possible for a lonely man to find happiness with an abandoned cat.



Mister Paradise
Directed by Marcia Mary Cook
University of the South, Sewanee, TN

Room 53, where a young woman seeks inspiration from a reclusive writer.


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