SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019


I Can't Imagine Tomorrow with The Stronger and Come and Go

directed by Alex Gelman, Maureen Shea, and Jeff Hall-Flavin

Organic Theater Company, Emerson College

Tennessee Williams' I Can't Imagine Tomorrow (1970) with August Strindberg’s The Stronger (1890) and
Samuel Beckett’s Come and Go (1965)

These three pieces appear onstage in conversation with each other. Each examines a friendship
– whether between a married woman and her unmarried acquaintance, three aged women who
were friends from girlhood, or a pair of friends paralyzed by fear and pain and need. All three writers were in the throes of middle age when they wrote these plays – Williams and Beckett at 59 and Strindberg at 41. The characters in the plays struggle to adapt to change, to recognize themselves and each other, and to forge some kind of connection in the midst of the ultimate fear of being alone. Filled with despair and humor, betrayals and loyalties, love and need, each short play cracks open the veneer of its characters. Guided by each writer’s unique voice and style, we witness the characters in all three plays clinging to – or clawing at, alternately –
people they love, people they used to love, people they’d like to love, and the people who just happen
to be near them.

- Lauren Feldman

The Stronger from Chicago’s Organic Theater Company, directed by Alex Gelman
I Can’t Imagine Tomorrow from Emerson College,directed by Maureen Shea
Come and Go directed by Jef Hall-Flavin

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