SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019

Festival Donors at the 2017 Annual Dinner with Dana Delany. Photo by Dan McKeon

Why Donate?

Make yourself feel good! Since 2006, our donors have made a direct impact on the worldwide reputation of America's playwright, and expanded his work across the globe with eleven world premiere Tennessee Williams plays, over 200 innovative performances of his lesser-known works, and dozens of new works inspired by our Festival's mission.

People like you, who believe in the power of live performance – and in the good work we're doing here in Provincetown – have given us the means to bring the Festival to life. We operate with a modest budget with very low overhead costs, so your dollar goes far when you give to the Festival.

Tickets only cover about a third of our costs, and we like to keep our ticket prices accessible for everyone.

Individual donations are the most significant funding source we have. Join the growing list of those who have made a contribution. 

Your gift is fully tax-deductible under the rules of charitable giving in your state. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Sustaining Donors

If you donate $500 or more during the calendar year, you're considered a sustaining donor.

Our sustaining donors are invited to exclusive events during the festival, such as a special private brunch, exclusive meetings with Festival artists, wine tastings, and celebrity cocktail events with the likes of Olympia Dukakis, John Guare, Anne Jackson, Eli Wallach, Alison Fraser, Michael Urie and Betty Buckley.

Thank you to the people named below, for gifts great and small, for loose change and large checks, for believing as we do that the enduring work of Tennessee Williams can change lives, the heartfelt generosity of our friends inspires us to do our best. Your gifts revive a worn-out word with personal significance… support. 



$25,000 +

Roxanne Kupfer*


$15,000 - 24,999

Albert Carey, Jr.*


$5,000 - $14,999

Aetna Foundation

Joseph Agostini & Jonathan Shee

Berta Walker Gallery

Deborah Bowles & Derik Burgess

Doug Dolezal & Greg Welch

Scott Dolny & Michael Palmer

Patrick Falco

Marcy Feller & Gabby Hanna

Free Lunch Foundation

Carol Green

Jon & Jody Hansen

Jeanne Leszcynski & Dianne DiCarlo

Terrence Meck

Provincetown Visitor Services Board

Alix Ritchie & Marty Davis

Laura & Micki Beth Stiller

United Healthcare Foundation

Jade & David Walsh



$2,500 - $4,999

Scott A. Allegretti, DDS

William Bonn

Jack Brent

Kevin Burns

Distel Ltd.

Dan & Jef Hall-Flavin

Bolton Harris & Paul Breen

Edward Bangs Kelley & Elza Kelley Foundation

Marc Levin

Jim Mauro & David Datz

Joe Paprzcyki & Gus Orr

Ronn Smith

Wellington Management

Wyncote Foundation



$1,000 – $2,499

Charles Sumner Bird Foundation

Nick Clayton & Bob Buck

Martha Davis

John DeCiccio

Dana Delany

Harriet Finkelstein

Gramercy Park Foundation

Joel Harms & Brad Horner

George & Helen Ingram

Michael Kellerman & Nicholas Ashburn

Patricia Meads

Rachel McKlveen

Jeff G. Peters

The Philadelphia Foundation

Kathleen Pigott

Ptown Pürl

Charles Shaw

Susan Sime

Curtis Speer

Dierck Casselman & Scott Van Hove

Joseph Wittreich & Stuart Curran



$500 - $999

Bryan Armstrong

Joseph Barilla

Bob Bell

Richard Beshore & Richard Currie

Michael Carvalho

Mark & Sappho Charney

Amal Dimian

Charlene A. Donaghy

James Farley & Thomas Boland

Philip Hanvy

Robert Hanvy

Kevin Hennessy & Mark McKay

Neil Korpinen

Karen Melikian

Patrick Murray

David Neapolitan

Ronald Ray

Clarice Roseen

Richard Salmon

Frederick Schrader

Sue Tyrell

Lorna Wilkerson



List current as of February 8, 2018 

Stella Circle

Stella Circle - Click to Join


"Stella for star!"



So chimes Blanche DuBois in Williams' indelible play, A Streetcar Named Desire.

A donor loyalty program: The Stella Circle.


Stella Kowalski's selflessness and nurturing instinct are our inspiration for this exclusive group of donors that are the very source of our strength. Together with our friendly Board members, you too can help ensure the Festival's sustainability.

To become a member of the exclusive Stella Circle, pledge $2,500 in cash donations per year for three or more years.

A one-time gift is always welcome, but a longer commitment gives us strength. Up until now, only the Board of Directors and a few key donors have pledged multi-year support. Our Board members give an incredible $5,000 per year, plus time, energy and governance. The Stella Circle is designed to create a committed group of mult-year donors that want to be major players in our success without the extra commitments of being on a board. It's also meant to be a social group, with an exclusive Stella Party and Festival "inside information" at various times throughout the year.

In non-profits, as in life, we all need to know who we can count on... You can become a steadfast partner of the Festival by joining the Stella Circle.

Benefits include

  • a private reception during the Festival
  • invitations to meet Festival artists
  • a membership pin
  • an autographed book from Festival curator and author David Kaplan
  • a Festival shirt or a gift from the gift shop

Pledge today by sending in all or part of your first $2500 pledge. You will be contacted by our staff to coordinate your annual pledge commitment, and to choose which free gifts you wish to receive.

Pledge Today >>



Since 2006
Patrick Falco
David Kaplan
Alix Ritchie 

Since 2007
Loreal Andrews
Jef Hall-Flavin

Since 2008
Joe Carleo
Scott Dolny

Since 2009
Deborah Bowles
Edwin Schloss 


Since 2010
Joseph Agostini

Since 2011
Albert Carey, Jr.
Marcy Feller
Micki Beth Stiller

Since 2012
Carol Green
Roxanne Kupfer
and YOU 

Since 2017
Jeanne Leszcynski & Dianne DiCarlo



Your gift is fully tax-deductible under the rules of charitable giving in your state. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Festival Supporters

Every gift is important, and every dollar makes a real impact.

Thank you to the following people who have made a financial contribution to the Festival! 




$250 - $499

Anthony Bertoldi

Jim Boren

Tom & Laurine Bow

Nancy Boykin

Colin Brown

Timothy Brown

John & Kathy Burmaster

Bruce Danzer

Jean Deighton & Darrell Breider

Joseph Demarzo & Denise Liotta

Harriet Finkelstein

Kent Flandro

Steven Flynn

Alexander Fraser

William Gannon & David Weidner

Michele Kaminski

Michael Kidd & Ken Sloan

Ruth Koffman

Ron Kollen

Thomas Koveleskie

James Kubesch & Fermin Rojas

Judith Leahy

Lisa Linnehan

Jan Paul Longanbach

Steve Lyons Art LLC

Robert C. Martin Jr.

Daniel D. Matthews

Douglas McKeown

David S. McMullen

Mews Philanthropic Fund

Courie Moore

Albert Mussad

Carol Murray-Negron

Michael Ohagan & Mark Gallant

Peters Property Management

Mark Philips

Prince Albert Guest House

Reuben Reynolds

George Rogers

Arnold J. Rubin

Andrew Ruby

William Sherald, Jr.

Michael Singer

Edgar Waaler

Merle Walker

Gail Williams & Dawn McCall



$100 -$249

Aerie House & Beach Club

Jane Barber

Patricia & Paul Benatti

Donna J. Bier

Jo Brisbane

John Caliste

Stewart Clifford

Susan Connors

Robert Daniels & Mary Feeley

Jean Marc De Silva

Johannes Eijamberts

Eleanore Fisher

Vincent Fumo

Paul Gerardi

Gary Hammer

Harbor Lounge, Inc.

Leonard Hass

Vicki Hicks

Larry Hyer

Michael Inman

Margaret Jablonski

Kirk Jackson & Oliver Wadsworth

Nancy Jones

Drs. Ken & Julie Kendall

Ann & Dave Kreager

Ian Leahy & Jennifer Cabral

Sheila Lyons

J.E. Macdonald

Barbara McGoldrick

Nick & Sian Robertson

Rodericks Payroll Service

Alan Ruscoe

Neil Ruchman

Jill, Shan & James Rutherford

Michael Ryan & Jonathon Kok

Kelley Smith

Rose Spears

Mimi Turque

Sewall Whittemore

Anonymous (2)


Up to $99

Mark Adams

Mary Alfinito

Tom Carten

David Chambers

Michael Cross & Muska Yousuf

Domenick Danza

Stephen Desroches

Richard Dickey

David & Shirley Donohue

Ruth Gilbert Real Estate

Jean Haskell

Alexandra Juckno

Elaine Judge

Kathy & Rich Kellerman

Wendy Kesselman

KNOW Theatre

Dorothy Kunin

Mary Kay Liotta

Andrew Long

Loretta Marion

Joseph Roy Mendes Jr.

Michael Normandy & Rob Castagnoli

Chase Oesch

Gus & Jan Orr

David Prutting

Joe Richard

Judith Richland

Laura Rood

Joan Savoy & Bill Cadogan

Laurie Schecter

William Smith

Jeanne Stone

Kimberly Walls

Anonymous (3)


List current as of February 8, 2018

Donations of Art



John Dowd

Bill Evaul

Cortile Gallery

Harriet Finkelstein

Micki Beth Stiller

John Williams

List current as of February 8, 2018


Donate Housing


Donate By Shopping

If you ever shop online, click here to use Amazon Smile

A percentage of your spending will be donated by Amazon to the Festival. It's easy! 

Shop with Amazon Smile to donate to the Provincetown Tennessee Williams theater Festival


Donate Stock

Good News! The Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival can accept your stocks or bonds as donations. This is termed a Free Delivery. The Festival is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization, so your gift of stocks is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Stocks can be easily transferred to our Charles Schwab account.

If you wish to donate stock, click here to send us an email, or just call Festival Administrator Ken Abert at 866-789-TENN. We will send you all the details. It's easy!

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