SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019


Julie/Pronoun I

directed by Julie Atlas Muz
starring Julie Atlas Muz


An insurrection against “Mad Queen May of England” is the pretext for nudity, music, dance, and narcissism in Williams’ The Pronoun ‘I’ -- subtitled “a short work for the lyric theater.” Williams’ sister Rose sometimes claimed she was the Queen of England. The staging is by Julie Atlas Muz, a Whitney Biennial performance artist and Miss Exotic World 2006. Boylesque stripper Tigger, Mr. Exotic World 2006, plays the Queen’s lolling poet/lover whose every sentence begins with “I.” The naked context is a smorgasbord of Muz’s choreography that seems to channel the preoccupations of sexual expression as politics championed by Williams and his Ptown comrade, Valeska Gert.










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