SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019


September 2010

Laughing In the Dark with Tennessee

by John DiLeo
directed by Jay Paul Skelton

Compiled by John DiLeo

New York, New York

Storm Warning: Is that Doris Day as Stella and Ginger Rogers as Blanche, with Steve Cochran as Stanley, in an alternate screen version of STREETCAR?John DiLeo, the author of Tennessee Williams and Company: His Essential Screen Actors will host a collection of clips from the movies that borrowed shamelessly from the phenomenon of A Streetcar Named Desire in the 1940s and early '50s.

He'll also show you little-known facts about Williams through film: The actors who influenced him like Anna Magnani, and how we, in turn, have been indelibly influenced by Williams for decades of film-going.

DiLeo is charming, engaging, and inviting... this is an unforgettable and very insightful web of film connections -- under the influence of Williams.

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