SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019


September 2012

Magnolia Jam - Gutarist 16 - Oil Painting by Bill Evaul

Magnolia Jam

starring Terry "Harmonica" Bean
with Special Musical Guests

Mississippi Division of Tourism

Jackson, MS

Magnolia Jam

Mississippi Blues meets Cape Cod Cool.

Terry Harmonica Bean headlines the Magnolia Jam sessions

Mississippi, where Tennessee Williams was born and raised, has a musical heritage as rich as its literary heritage.

After the day's shows are done, start a tour to the Magnolia State with a visit to Provincetown's historic Surf Club where – for two nights only – Terry "Harmonica" Bean, a bluesman flying to the tip of the Cape from Mississippi's hill country, makes some history of his own.



Provincetown pianist and composer John Thomas will appear at the Magnolia Jam sessionsTerry Bean will headline two foot-stomping jam sessions produced by singer-songwriter Peter Donnelly, who's invited pianist John Thomas (pictured, left) and other local players to get down and dirty.

The musical stars of the Festival are expected to drop by for some licks. You come, too!


"I've always loved the blues...
I been around it all my life."
- Terry Bean 


Terry Harmonica Bean - Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival

With decades of blues in his bones, Terry “Harmonica” Bean is a staple at music festivals throughout the US, including the Chicago Blues Festival. His unique sound was honed in the Mississippi Delta, with its downhome roots in the hill country.

A native of the small town of Pontotoc, Mississippi, Terry Bean grew up playing guitar and harmonica at house parties with his dad. In the 1980's he visited the Delta Blues Festival, and shortly thereafter fell in with the Greenvile blues scene, traveling from juke joints across the Delta to festivals and even Europe before releasing six recent CD's.

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