SEPTEMBER 24 - 27, 2020

Songs My Grandmother Wouldn’t Want Me to Sing at the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival

"Mother Yaws" A Cautionary Tale by Tennessee Williams

Brenda Currin (In Cold Blood, The World According to Garp) tells Williams' short story of “Mother Yaws."

Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival

Provincetown, MA


Saturday Sept 26, 3:30 pm

The performance is 30 minutes long.

This is a special gift for Stella Circle Supporters

It has been reported that during performances of A Streetcar Named Desire, at the conclusion, when Blanche was led away to an asylum, Tennessee Williams could be heard in the audience laughing. That same sense of humor lights up this 1977 comic gothic tale, finding the fun in sour marriage, public humiliation, betrayal, rejection, disease, and death.

Brenda Currin has performed many roles at the Festival including Mrs. Wire, the landlady in the first Hotel Plays (2009); Sebastian's mother in Suddenly Last Summer (2015); Mrs. Constable in Jane Bowles' In the Summer House (2013, 2014); and Assunta in The Rose Tattoo (2018).

Photo by Ride Hamilton: Brenda Currin as Mrs. Constable from In the Summer House (TW Fest 2014).

The performance is a gift to members of the Stella Circle. If you’d like to join see website info.


Things To Know Before You Come To The Show

In keeping with the spirit of this year’s festival motto “If we can, we will,” there will be some changes to the standard procedures of attending the performances this year. These changes and procedures have been put in place for the continued safety of our performers, audience, and staff.

Thank you for your continued support and EN AVANT! 

Click here to read the full set of procedures for this year's events. 

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