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July 18, 2010

The Sons of Tennessee Williams Premiere Party - Celebrate the opening of a landmark documentary produced and directed by Tim Wolff

Sons of Tennessee Williams Premiere Party

directed by Tim Wolff
starring Albert Carey

Special Guests Varla Jean Merman
and Andrew Sullivan

The Sons of Tennessee Williams

Another American civil rights story... in wigs and heels. Photo taken in 1962 in New Orleans at one of the earliest known gay "Krewe" drag balls.

On Sunday, July 18
See the Premiere of a powerful new documentary film
The Sons of Tennessee Williams


Sip cocktails with Varla Jean Merman, hob-nob with filmmaker Tim Wolff, meet one of the film's stars Albert Carey, plus hear what political powerhouse Andrew Sullivan has to say... all for a good cause!

In the great tradition of films such as Paris is Burning and The Cockettes -- The Sons of Tennessee Williams charts the evolution of drag and politics in the gay Mardi Gras scene.

Seven years before the first rock was thrown at the New York Stonewall riots, the gay krewes began throwing lavish balls as a send-up of their straight society counterparts and have since become a powerful force in New Orleans politics.

With oversized wigs and costumes a la Beach Blanket Babylon, these unlikely political activists hand the torch to a younger generation as they strut their stuff with style.


Varla Jean Merman’s alter ego Jeffery Roberson is an accomplished performer, writer and director. His shows have filled concert halls and cabarets across the world.

Andrew Sullivan is an author, editor and political commentator known for pioneering such issues as gays in the military and same-sex marriage.


A party not to be missed!


  The Sons of Tennessee Williams  by Tim Wolff - East Cost Premiere Party - July 18th 2010

All proceeds from this event will benefit the 5th Annual Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival.




* Premium seating includes a reserved table near the screen and one complimentary drink ticket. 


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