SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019

Provincetown is an unforgettable place. The narrow and vibrant streets of Provincetown are alive with a truly cosmopolitan mix of people, restaurants and stores. The Harbor bustles with fishing boats and whale watches and over a-30-mile-long frontline of beaches and dunes for adventurous bike rides and romantic sunsets.

Provincetown is where the Pilgrims first touched ground in 1620 and wrote America's first constitution, the "Mayflower Compact". Later, "P-town", as it is known today, was settled by early colonial settlers, and later, Portuguese immigrants, who came here in large numbers to work in the fishing industry.



Today Provincetown is a unique artist's colony with a long history of a thriving visual art community. The town boasts a connection to Eugene O'Neill, who put American drama on the world map, using a makeshift theater on a small wharf in Provincetown as his writers laboratory.  Tennessee Williams also spent fertile summers here -- writing and falling in love for the first time. 

The thriving gay and lesbian community of Provincetown is a cornerstone of this town's vibrant culture. Many visitors to the Cape make a day trip to Provincetown to go on whale watch and to see the Pilgrim Monument; others show up after sunset for the nightlife. Day or night, Provincetown is a very popular destination for everybody.



Autumn in Provincetown


September is a breathtakingly beautiful time of year on Cape Cod. The light changes to a milky glow, and the warm days end with bittersweet sunsets that signal the inevitable transition from summer to fall.

Sunny days can still be hot, the water is still warm enough to take a swim, and the evenings are nice and cool -- so you can wear your new sweater or jacket to the theater.



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