SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019


Road to Paradise

by Tennessee Williams
directed by Carson Efird
starring Bennington College students and alumni

Bennington College is part of the history of modern dance in America. Its faculty included Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Hanya Holm, and Charles Weidman. Recent Bennington graduate Carson Efird was inspired by an unpublished collection of poetry written by TW his first summer in Provincetown to devise a crowd-pleaser of a dance at last year’s TW Festival in Provincetown.

Road to Paradise is a portrait in motion of Williams’ heart, portrayed by men and women who are current Bennington students and recent alum. It speaks to the universality of falling in love for the first time –and in Williams’ case, the aftermath of heartbreak, remembrance and freedom. TW spent his fi rst big check on a wind-up Victrola,which he brought to the Cape. The music for this dance is takenfrom the records we know he liked to play. A dance adaptation of TW’s Ptown poetry.


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