SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019


This show was presented Sept 22-25, 2016

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Small Craft Warnings at the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival - painting by Miguel Covarrubias (used with permission)

Small Craft Warnings

by Tennessee Williams

A crass menagerie of misfits in a small seaside bar survive on hope. There could hardly be a more perfect setting than Provincetown for this rare play.
directed by Patrick Falco

featuring Gail Phaneuf and Joe MacDougall


Provincetown, MA

Williams sets up camp on O'Neill's turf: a bar at the end of the world, shrouded in ocean fog, in which a collection of misfits huddle like birds evading a storm.

Unlike O'Neill's eternally damned pipe-dreamers, Williams' crass menagerie of barflies -- an itinerant beautician, her loutish boyfriend, a lovesick short-order cook, the girl he's in love with, and an alcoholic doctor -- survive on hope and the possibility of heaven.

"There are times when Williams can be very like O'Neill, but O'Neill in a warmer, easier climate."
- Clive Barnes, The New York Times, 1972

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