SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019



by Tennessee Williams
directed by John Anes-Nihil
starring Vaginal Davis, Lance Loud, Jade Gordon, and Bibbe Hanson

John Aes-Nihil directs films in pursuit of diverse obsessions: blood and fame and Tennessee Williams. His name is short for Aesthetic Nihilism. He is a leading authority on the life of Charles Manson and The Manson Family. Summer? launches TW’s Suddenly Last Summer into a Super 8 mutation of colliding star personae. Cult figure Vaginal Davis – black, befeathered and beautiful – is Katherine Hepburn’s avatar as smothering mother. Lance Loud (whose coming-out was broadcast in the 1973 PBS documentary An American Family) takes on Montgomery Clift in the role of Dr. Sugar. Jade Gordon, as Catherine, channels Liz Taylor. Warhol super-star Bibbe Hansen plays Catherine’s tawdry mother. Shot in 1997 and assembled ten years later for screening in Ptown. The second of a trilogy of Aes-Nihil / Williams films, the first, The Drift, is also screening at the TW Fest.





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