SEPTEMBER 27 - 30, 2018

Tennessee Williams with Joe Hazan and friends in 1940

About Tennessee Williams and Provincetown

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“I am moving into a little shanty in the dunes where I can avoid the summer crowds. I find this is a good place to work and think I will get a play off to you next week.”—Tennessee Williams in a 1944 letter from Provincetown to agent Audrey Wood

On the edge, artistically and geographically, Provincetown prides itself on embracing creativity and diversity and attracting legendary artists, writers and filmmakers to its protected and pristine environment.

As American’s great playwright Tennessee Williams was influenced in his work and his personal life by the spirit and openness of Provincetown, it is fitting that the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival celebrate Williams with the same spirit of discovery – of one’s self and of the world – that he tapped in this small town.

Over several summers during the 1940s, Tennessee Williams worked in a shack on the dunes or on a wharf in the bay and crafted many of his masterful works, including The Glass Menagerie and A Streetcar Named Desire. .

Provincetown was also significant in Tennessee’s personal life as this is where he fell in love for the first time and where he later met the man with whom he would have a deep and abiding 14 year relationship.

The aim of the TW Festival to keep the spirit of Tennessee Williams alive and inspire new generations through its performance and exploration of his early work, mature masterpieces, and experimental plays.

Writing in American Theater Magazine, Critic Randy Gener wrote about the importance of the Festival to American drama “…Williams is a giant – prescient, pitiless and well-nigh impregnable….  By giving us Williams unplugged, the brave folks at the Provincetown festival are doing the necessary, good work, outside the confines of commercial bottom feeding…. Williams’s dramaturgy is still ahead of our time…”


For more information, pick up a copy of curator David Kaplan's book, Tennessee Williams in Provincetown.


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