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September 2009

Peter Christian Hansen plays Phil Beam in The Enemy: Time - the role made famous by Paul Newman in Sweet Bird of Youth

The Enemy: Time

directed by Jef Hall-Flavin

Gremlin Theater in association with the Festival

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

"I’ve never lifted a finger in my life to get anybody’s love."
-- Phil Beam in The Enemy: Time

This dynamite short play inspired Williams to write Sweet Bird of Youth, which was later adapted into a 1962 award-winning film. While Sweet Bird is undoubtedly an American masterpiece, the seeds were first sown in Williams' poetic, heartbreaking original, The Enemy: Time. Written in 1952, the play has never been performed until now. Be among the first audiences ever to see this dramatic early version of a Williams classic, then stay for a showing of the film version of "Sweet Bird of Youth," starring Paul Newman and Geraldine Page.

"a strange gem... a slam-bang half-hour... an intense, enjoyable oddity"
Quinton Skinner, City Pages, Minneapolis

"Gremlin Theatre showcases Tennessee Williams' magic...  its flavors are familiar and fine...
Director Jef Hall-Flavin and his cast [work] admirably, giving these swiftly rendered characters a sense of pulse and humanity."

-- Dominic P. Papatola, St. Paul Pioneer Press

The Enemy: Time

By Tennessee Williams
Directed by Jef Hall-Flavin
Produced by Gremlin Theatre in association with the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival

Peter Christian Hansen as Phil Beam
Caroline Cooney as Rose Finley
Matthew Rein as Cris Finley
Jodi Kellogg as Princess Pazmezoglu
Sally Ann Wright as Mrs. Gibbs
Garry Geiken as George Gibbs
Julie Ann Nevill as Mrs. Pitts

Caroline Cooney shines in the world premiere production of The Enemy: TimeSally Ann Wright and Julie Ann Nevill add a comic backdrop to the tragic downfall in The Enemy: Time
Caroline Cooney (left) shines as Rose Finley / Sally Ann Wright and Julie Ann Nevill add a comic backdrop to the tragic downfall of Phil Beam in The Enemy: Time

Scenic and Lighting Design by Carl Schoenborn
Sound Design by Katharine Horowitz
Costume Design by A. Emily Heaney
Stage Manager, Sarah Bauer

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