SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019


The Ghost Plays

by Various Cape writers

The New Provincetown Players

The Ghost Plays

"As I grew older, …, the losses accumulated in my heart, the disenchantments
steadily increased. That’s usual, yes? Simply the process of aging. -Adjustments
had to be made to faiths that had faded as candles into daybreak. In their place,
what? Sharp light cast on things that appalled me, that blew my mind out,…. Then.
-The wisdom, the sorrowful wisdom of acceptance. Wouldn’t accept it. Romantics
won’t, you know. Liquor, madness, more or less the same thing. We're abandoned
or we’re put away, and if put away, why, then, fantasy runs riot, hallucinations
bring back times lost. Loves you’d frightened away return in dreams. -A remission
occurs. You fall out of a cloud to what’s called real! -- a rock! Cold, barren. To
be endured only briefly."








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