SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019


This production closed on March 29, 2015.

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THE HOTEL PLAYS in New Orleans - from the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival - photo by Ride Hamilton

The Hotel Plays

by Tennessee Williams
A funhouse of plays from The Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival performed in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Gather at the Historic Hermann-Grima House and proceed from room to room for an eye-opening quartet of exceptional Williams plays, up-close and personal.
directed by David Kaplan

designed by Lefty Lucy

The Provincetown TW Theater Festival

in association with the Historic Hermann-Grima House and the Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival

THE HOTEL PLAYS was a "splendid" success once again in New Orleans. 

Francescsa McKenzie in THE HOTEL PLAYS 2014 - photo by Ride HamiltonMISTER PARADISE

An inspired young debutante seeks out an aging, reclusive writer in his New Orleans hovel in an effort to revive his languishing career – whether he likes it or not. Francesca McKenzie (left) reprises her heartbreaking performance.




Kathryn Talbott in THE HOTEL PLAYS 2014 - photo by Ride Hamilton


The tough-talking landlady of a French Quarter rooming house has had enough complaints from her pretentious tenant, Mrs. Hardwicke-Moore, especially since the rent is overdue. Coming to the lady's rescue is a slovenly writer who makes a case for holding onto fictions and fantasies as a way to cope in life. Desiree Ledet and Kathryn Talbot (left) spar in this rarely seen short play.



Cristine McMurdo-Wallis in AUTO-DA-FE 2012 - photo by Josh AndrusLORD BYRON'S LOVE LETTER

A curious Midwestern tourist (Francine Segal) visits a penniless spinster (played by Festival favorite, Cristine McMurdo-Wallis, left) and a bossy "old woman" in the French Quarter who claim to own a love letter written by Lord Byron. The ladies perform a reading of the mysterious old letter as a nearby parade goes by.



George J Sanchez in DEATH OF A SALESMAN 2015 - photo by Frank L Aymami IIILAST OF MY SOLID GOLD WATCHES

An old-timer of a shoe salesman checks into his hotel, regaling a young salesman with tales of the good old days. George J. Sanchez (left), fresh from his star turn as Willy Loman in Le Petit's Death of a Salesman, plays Mister Charlie in Williams' moving portrait of a man unwilling to accept his inevitable demise.

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