SEPTEMBER 26 - 29, 2019


The Notebook of Trigorin

by Tennessee Williams adapted by Katherine Mendeloff
directed by Katherine Mendeloff
starring Students from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), Provincetown High School, and Nauset High School

Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull was a favorite play of Williams, and in his 1981 adaptation titled, The
Notebook of Trigorin
, TW signifi antly re-interprets the old bird, while staying true to its spirit. The Russian
author’s play focuses on the two young artists, Nina and Konstantin; Williams (who was turning 70) writes from
the perspective of the older, established writer Boris Trigorin. A significant change in Williams’ version is to
make Trigorin bisexual. Central in the dynamic between Triogorin and his lover, Arkadina, is her threat of blackmail if he leaves her. There is a sharper edge to Williams’ Trigorin, forced to be someone he does not want to be, a man who is tired of fame. In this production, developed for the International Chekhov Festival in Moscow, we see the older Williams enter the world of 19th century Russia and transform it into the American South of the
1930’s, the summer at his grandparent’s house when Williams first encountered Chekhov’s short stories. A
ghostly narrator, caught up in the events of the drama, tries (unsuccessfully) to avert the tragic consequences
of the characters. When asked who had influenced him most Williams replied: “Chekhov! Chekhov! Chekhov! “


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