SEPTEMBER 27 - 30, 2018

Alison Fraser in THE TENNESSEE WILLIAMS SONGBOOK, 2012. Photo by Josh Andrus

Revitalizing Tennessee Williams’ Reputation with Traveling Productions


TW Festival Curator David Kaplan says, “It is our mission to see that Tennessee Williams is fully understood for the creative force that he was, and that goes well beyond his classic masterpieces.  Williams was always writing and experimenting and much of his work was dismissed in his time. Our performances offer exciting and pioneering approaches to his work that turn plays thought impossible to stage or to understand into theatrical excitement that audiences embrace."

Tennessee Williams’ reputation is being revitalized as more audiences and critics are seeing the full breadth and vitality of the full range of Williams’ work in performance.

Since beginning in 2006, several productions Festival audiences saw first at the tip of Cape Cod as well as variations on them have continued to spread out into the world revitalizing the reputation of America’s playwright for his creative accomplishments.

From 2015 – 2016:


  • The Mutilated (TW Fest 2013) directed by Cosmin Chivu, starring Mink Stole, played New Orleans’ Contemporary Arts Center in November 2015.
  • Orpheus Descending (TW Fest 2010,’11), with Irene Glezos, Beth Bartley, and Brenda Currin, was at Southern Rep in New Orleans (directed by Jef Hall-Flavin) during March 2015..
  • The Hotel Plays, our third collaboration with the Historic Hermann-Grima House. Directed by TW Fest curator David Kaplan with a mix of New Orleans and Provincetown performers, in association with The Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival in March 2015.
  • Kingdom of Earth, the inaugural production of the Tennessee Williams Theatre Company of New Orleans was directed by Augustin Correro (TW 101 for TW Fest 2014) in August 2015.


  • Cosmin Chivu directed the New York premiere on Valentine’s Day 2016 of The Remarkable Rooming-House of Mme. LeMonde (TW Fest world premiere 2009, ’15) as part of the double bill Tennessee Williams 1982 at Walkerspace in Tribeca.
  • The Beth Bartley – Irene Glezos Orpheus Descending then played Manhattan’s St. John’s Lutheran Church in April, 2016, directed by Austin Pendleton, also featuring Lou Liberatore, Kier Dullea, and Mia Dillon.


  • The 1st annual Tennessee Williams Festival St. Louis, May 12th -15th, 2015, included The Rooming-House Plays, a variation of our Hotel Plays (TW Fest 2009, ‘11) directed by David Kaplan.


  • Boston’s Beau Jest Moving Theatre, under the direction of Davis Robinson presented Wild Williams at the Charlestown Working Theater in Boston, reprising their productions of Mme. LeMonde, and Aimez-vouz Ionesco? (TW Fest world premiere 2015), and adding a new production of The Pronoun ‘I’ (TW Fest world premiere 2007).


  • Abrahamse-Meyer brought their production of The Day on Which a Man Dies (TW Fest 2009, ’15) directed by David Kaplan, to the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in July.


  • New Directions published Now the Cats with Jeweled Claws & Other One-Act Plays, a new collection of Williams’ plays edited by Thomas Keith, which includes texts staged in Ptown: The Demolition Downtown (2007), Now the Cats with Jeweled Claws (2011), Once in a Lifetime (2011 world premiere), and Aimez-vous Ionesco? (2015 world premiere).


From 2009 – 2014:

TO NEW ORLEANS, LA – Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival:

  • Auto-da-Fé (2013), a Williams mother-son drama performed on a porch in Provincetown in 2012, then restaged on the back steps of an historic New Orleans home in the French Quarter with a Dixieland band.
  • The Tennessee Williams Songbook (2013) a concert of songs from TW plays created for the 2012 Festival by David Kaplan, starring Broadway’s Alison Fraser.
  • Gift of An Orange (2014) by Charlene Donaghy, a play inspired by a Williams short story that was an audience favorite of the 2012 Festival.
  • The Hotel Plays (2014), a quartet of one-acts originated in Provincetown that were performed in rooms and hallways of the historic Hermann-Grima House to an awestruck audience.

TO COLUMBUS, MS – The Tennessee Williams Tribute:

  • The Dog Enchanted by the Divine View (2009), Williams’ short play that became The Rose Tattoo, which had its 2008 premiere in Provincetown.
  • The Case of the Crushed Petunias (2010), an early one-act play about a shopkeeper whoreceives a casual visit by a handsome man called death.
  • The Strangest Kind of Romance, (2011), a one-act play about a man with a cat, seen in the 2010 version of The Hotel Plays.
  • The Tennessee Williams Songbook (2012).
  • Autumn Song (2013), a collaboration with composer George Maurer of Minnesota and Jef Hall-Flavin, a musical dialogue in song and jazz of the poetry of Rilke and Williams created for the Festival.


  • Orpheus Descending (2012). The stunning, site-specific 2010 production was presented in churches in three cities across Mississippi: Columbus, Oxford and Jackson.


  • The Mutilated (2013), a late work by Williams that was panned by critics when it was originally produced in 1966, went on to New York, starring Mink Stole and Penny Arcade and was nominated for a Drama League Award under the direction of Cosmin Chivu.
  • The Two-Character Play (2012), the 2011 Provincetown production from London inspired New York producers to mount an off-Broadway version of our production with the same director, starring Amanda Plummer, to great reviews.
  • Orpheus Descending (2012), the runaway hit of the 2010 Festival from The Infinite Theatre was revived for a sold-out one-night benefit performance in a West Village church.
  • Now the Cats with Jewelled Claws (2011), an avant-garde work featuring Everett Quinton and Mink Stole that was presented at LaMaMa Etc.


  • The Chorus Girl Plays (2014), a world premiere first seen in P'Tpwn in 2013. Danzloop Chicago presented these three Williams plays choreographed with dance at the Strawdog Theatre.
  • The Escapes (2011) dance adaptations based on The Escape and Summer at the Lak, which were created for the Festival in 2010 opened at the American Theater Company.
  • Lorita (2009) a dance adaptation based on Williams' short story Happy August the Tenth premiered at the Provincetown Festival in 2008.


  • The Traveling Companion and The Chalky White Substance (2009), and The Hotel Plays (2011) which played under the title “Hotel Williams” at the Tennessee Williams Center.


  • Once in a Lifetime (2011) After premiering at the Provincetown Festival, this play was presented by the Fusion Theatre in Albuquerque.


  • Green Eyes (2011), this kinky one-act premiered in Provincetown in 2008, and was presented at the Ruskin Theatre Group in Los Angeles.


  • Green Eyes (2011) was also seen at the nation’s largest Fringe Festival in Minnesota. 


  • Kingdom of Earth (2012), unpopular in 1968, was presented at the Festival by Abrahamse-Meyer Productions and was loved by critics and audiences. It went on to win major nominations and awards in South Africa. The Provincetown production also inspired the Columbus Tennessee Williams Tribute and the South Camden Theatre Company in New Jersey to put on their own productions of Kingdom of Earth.
  • The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore (2013) by Ambrahamse-Meyer Productions went on to be highly acclaimed as one of the best plays of 2013.


  • The Traveling Companion and The Chalky White Substance (2010), a double-bill of one-acts directed by David Kaplan was presented as "Tennessee Suite" at the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival.


  • Autumn Song (2014), this original jazz-inspired song cycle of Williams and Rilke poems first seen in Provincetown in 2012 was invtied to Berlin in April 2014 for two provate concerts.

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