SEPTEMBER 24 - 27, 2020

Reading to get ready

TWI (our graduate seminar) might take place online in September, it might take place in Provincetown. For now, we are preparing by putting together reading lists of plays and related material.

Making Trouble for 400 Years

Season 15 - Censorship - The Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival

We’re preparing for our 15th season with a focus on Tennessee Williams & Censorship. Many plays we’re considering have sparked righteous indignation.

Festival in the News

Photo by Nate Gowdy

A long and thoughtful review of our Night of the Iguana, by Bess Rowen. It appeared in the 2020 Tennessee Williams Annual Review.

This just in: an appraisal of our 2019 season by Ed Rubin @ "Lifting the Provincetown Festival closer to heaven."

New 2020 Pass Offers!

Photo by Ride Hamilton

Enjoy a Day Pass on any day of the Festival, packed with shows and parties. Or purchase Carte Blanche, an all-access VIP pass like no other!

Photos: The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore, Photo by Josh Andrus 2013. The Angel in the Alcove, Night of the Iguana, Photos by Nate Gowdy 2019.

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