SEPTEMBER 21 - 24, 2017

Past Festivals

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Curator David Kaplan - Producing Director Charlene Donaghy - Executive Director Jef Hall-Flavin - photo by Josh Andrus


Advancing the spirit of Tennessee Williams through performance


We honor Tennessee Williams by presenting his classic and undiscovered plays, the work of his peers, and new work inspired by Williams’ creative vision worldwide. The Festival contributes to the cultural wealth of Provincetown by celebrating Williams’ connection to Cape Cod, his evolving international importance and his avant-garde spirit.


Highlights of our Work:

Since 2006, hundreds of artists and thousands of patrons have come to P'town, making theater history! Watch the video below to see some highlights from our first ten years of Tennessee Williams in Provincetown.

2006 - Tennessee Williams in Provincetown

The first Festival presented works written by Williams in Provincetown including The Glass Menagerie, the world premiere of Williams' 1940 gay romance The Parade and the Hong Kong Repertory Theater's Cantonese The Eccentricities of a Nightingale.

2007 - The Late, Late Show

2008 - The Healing Power of Love

2009 - The Fight for Life

2010 - Under the Influence

2011 - Double Exposure: Celebrating 100 Years of Tennessee Williams

2012 - Tennessee Williams and Music

2013 - Tennessee Williams and Women

2014 - Circle of Friends

2015 - Year TENN

The Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival was founded in 2006 by Dr. Jerry Scally, Alix Ritchie, Patrick Falco, and David Kaplan.

Programming for the festival is curated by David Kaplan. The executive director is Jef Hall-Flavin.


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